10 Best Spray Tan Solution 2020 – Review & Buying Guide

Are you really curious about your skin and want to protect it?

If your answer is “YES”, lets dive into it..

best spray tan solution is a method of giving you tanned skin for several days, without having to reveal yourself to deadly UV light as you would in a tanning salon or by sunbathing.



Top 10 Best Spray Tan Solutions For Multiple Skin Types

There are several primary qualities that a tanning solution should have so that you attain natural-looking coverage and a great tanned color that not only shines up your complexion but also persists a pretty long time.

Sunless tanners are available in lotion, gel, spray, powder, and mousse.

It has taken some precise research and their uses but we have discovered a selected brand of products that have passed these terms & conditions.

There are also staged tanners for deeper and longer-lasting results.

Make sure that you buy the best product for your skin tone, and make sure that there are no severe side effects of the treatment.

But before getting more into detail about the best spray tan solutions we have discovered some best tan solutions to make it easier for you which one to buy..:)


1. Norvell Premium Sunless Tanning Solution Dark-1

It gives you a natural dark color. You will go darker with Norvell Dark solution. The natural formula works with the skin it creates a customized shade of color.

Our best spray tan solution produces and expresses quick-drying, natural, long-lasting effects.

Its micro-nutrient Technology gives a potent blend of vitamins and antioxidants to boost the skin’s glow.


The product can be used with all spray applicators. It has a fine texture, and it does not get stuck in the machine.


Natural Material
It contains natural enzymes and DHA; Like other best spray tan solution, it has no unpleasant odor, it gives Fragranced with the essence of raspberry and almond extracts.

Easy to Remove
It’s straightforward to wash it out. If the product comes into contact with hands or clothing, wash it as soon as possible.

From clothes, it can easily remove with regular machine wash. It will never clog your pores ever

Effecting Duration

Its effect begins to develop between 2-4 hours after applying; it completes within 24 hours.

It has a long-lasting result as it can stay up to 5-7 days Store between 60 to 70 degrees in a dry place.


  • Results last up to 7 days.
  • It contains vitamins and minerals.
  • It will Nurtures the skin.
  • It has an allergen-free formula.
  • You cannot take a bath for 8 hours after the application.
  • It does not protect again sub burn



2. Norvell Premium Sunless Tanning Solution – One Hour

This tanning solution is different from others as it formulates to work quickly as the best spray tan solution.

It has the most traditional form to darken all the way, it also has high-quality ingredients as earlier, raspberry, and almond scent.

You will get the deepest color with time.

The pleasant fragrance repressed the irritating odor of sunless tanning, so you never need to be rinsing it off in a hurry


You can freely apply this with your tanning machine, but the best way is the use of the airbrush machine.

Use of eye shield, nose filter, protective undergarments, and lip balm is necessary before applying it even if it is the best spray tan solution.

Effecting Duration
It will dry after 1 hour of applying it. Its effect can leave on your skin for 5 to 7 days quickly.

Due to the high-quality ingredient, it has a short shelf life as seven months from the production date to the expiration date.

It is available in many colors, as it put the level of color choice directly on the client’s hand.

This solution prepares your natural skin color for instant and long-lasting color gratification.it will not put patches on your skin.

  • You can take a shower 1 hour later after you spray tan
  • Last for 5 to 7 days Having a sticky nature
  • It can be used for all skin tones
  • It can create a bit of orange color on your skin if left for a longer time.


Norvell One Hour Rapid One Sunless Solution, 128 oz Gallon


3. Sjolie Ultra One-One Hour Spray Tan Solution

This tan solution will give you a light bronze after one or two hours. Then you can wash it, but as much you wait, you will get a much darker color.

Its ingredients are organic and vegan, and it is free from artificial fragrance and parabens. It is based on caramel and walnut extract.

Almost all best spray tan solutions can be sprayed by all types of airbrushes and all spray tanning systems due to its liquidity.


Natural Ingredients
It is made from all-natural ingredients, and it is 100 percent vegan, so if you are looking for the best spray tan solution, then go with it. It gives the fragrance of caramel and walnut scent.

It has low sticky nature as compare to others; it is stripping away the oil from your skin and allowing the spray to adhere better. Its PH balance will match with your skin PH.

Effecting Duration
This solution will give you a golden tan color, within an hour, and it will darker as it continues to sit on your skin. You just need to alter the amount of solution you use to gain darker or lighter tan.in can be stayed on your skin for 7to 8 days.


  • It has a quick-dry formula
  • Can be used with all HVLP systems, and airbrush system
  • It does not put patches on your skin.
  • It can work with all types of skin.
  • Sometimes it’s become patchy and give the orange color



4. Sjolie Organic Spray Tan Solution – Medium and Dark

It is mostly used with people who have medium or dark skin tone.it is an airbrushing tanning solution.

In this solution, a large amount of aloe Vera is added, which helps in extending the time of tan for three or more days and proves it the best spray tan solution.


Moisturizing Effect
With tanning on the skin, it also has a moisturizing effect.

Sjolie organic spray tan solution makes your tan look toned in one session and continues to become darker and make your skin more soften.

Made by all-natural ingredients, which are proved by PETA. Olive oil is also used in it; it is the main reason for moisturization in any spray.

Wait 8 hours before you shower for the best result. It can last for ten days.

You cannot take a bath, even cannot participate in any physical activity for 8 hours after the application of the best spray tan solution that can make you sweat. Sweat can decrease the effect of tanning.


  • It can be mixed with another color to boast a color
  • Use as facial and full body tanner.
  • It is available at a reasonable price.
  • The hydrating formula is used in it.
  • Take much time to dry



5. Fake Back Airbrush Tanning Solution

It is considered as a leader of the best spray tan solution in sunless tanning.

Fake back produced a fast-acting formula with the combination of DHA, DMI, Erythrulose, different from others due to the addition of dimethyl isosorbide.

It allows for the fastest delivery of tan on your skin.

Organic ingredients and patent-pending Technology develop it. It is developed from botanical ingredients to remove the parabens and artificial preservatives. It is anti-cellulite.


It will not turn your skin into orange color, and never leave any bad odor or stains on your clothes.

It has a built-in color guide, a dark temporary color.so there is no chance of facing streak, which is a great hint of a best spray tan solution.

This spray becomes a great choice of celebrities and beauty experts in the entire world.

Developing time is 6 to 8 hours at this time; it will give you a reliant and natural look. It’s fast-drying, and the non-sticky formula works with the skin without clogging pores.

Users can get a golden bronze tan perfecting every time in a year. It lasts for 3 to 7 days sometimes longer. Its developing time is high as compare to others, but it gives a satisfied look after washing it.

  • It helps to enhance natural pigment of skin




6. Fantastic E Blend Spray Tanning Solution

It is a product with longer wear and slower than fading; it is made with natural organic ingredients in every bottle. It has a fast-absorbing blend.

With aloe Vera gel green tee complex also found in fantastic e blend, which is very effective antioxidants. It has natural plants and food essence to help in refreshing and rebuilding of your skin.

The light lemongrass scent is found in it. Work well in a humid location. Without all these ingredients, it is still considered as the best spray tan solution.

You can use it within 90 days easily. Work well in humid location.it is free from nuts, oil, gluten, and soy. It mostly used by the person who never wants an oily tan.

You never need to worry about it as soon you will apply it; it gives tan color.

You can feel better psychologically and physically if you have white pale skin.it will also help you to feel confident among your shining friends.

Double Layer
It is a good option for clients who like many layers of the product or double-dipping.it can be stored is a very cool dry place. But it is not best for beginners.

  • It can be used in humid places
  • It has a very pleasant effect on your skin
  • It has an anti-aging and anti-wrinkle effect.
  • It also protects our skin against itching and dryness.
  • Take a little longer to dry



7. Aussie Bronze 12 Percent Dark Tan Solution

You will get a rich dark tan from using this tanning solution.

When applying this solution goes very smoothly and leaves your skin very silky soft effect and supple.

This tanning solution is free from DHA best spray tan solution and other material which may be toxic in some way. It includes in best spray tan solution.

It is rich in summer essence; its users will receive an exotic touch in their best spray tan solution, Citrus Blend matrix of grapefruit, orange, and lemon extracts.

It never takes much developing time and shows tan results immediately.

This color is perfect and very easy to use.it has a great color intensity, so don’t try to apply too much on your skin.

Hyaluronic Acid is a powerful moisturizer in it, and it is also a skin-plumping ingredient and natural lubricant. The addition of macadamia seed oil and vegetable-based glycerin help in deep moisturizing.

Its ingredients include aloe, lemon peel extract, and grab food seed extract; these ingredients are full in flavored, which gives the solution a very nice light fruit scent.

A potent source of many beneficial antioxidants and vitamin C help to refine and strengthen skin against daily UV exposure and environmental oxidative.

  • It gives a great dark tan color It is not for all types of skin
  • Perfect for spray gun and machine application.
  • Light scent with fresh sweat drops of melon.
  • It has a citrusy smell.



8. Vita Liberate Spray Tan Solution

It gives your skin a finishing touch with a golden bronze tone. It has no fragrance and completely organic. It uses superior Technology behind this spray tan.


People who have pale skin should wait 8-12 hours before showering, while those with medium and dark skin can take a shower after 6 to 8 hours. Use oil-free body products in the period of tanning as an oil-free body lotion.

Caffeine and white tea color the skin, while the aloe and glycerin hydrate and, making it smooth and healthy. It nourishes your skill at a higher level.

The best spray tan solution of vita is odorless .it is beneficial for your skin rather than harmful.it is foolproof. It comes in 3 basic and darker shades.

This formula is completely messed free, organic, and less than 6 minutes to apply.

There was no fake orange glow, no streaks; it has just a natural shade that suited your skin tone perfectly.


  • Its price is low as compared with the quality
  • It is very suitable for beginners It saves you from exposure and environmental oxidative.
  • It lasts up to two weeks.
  • It has no stickiness when putting on your clothes after



9. Norvell Venetian Plus Tan Solution

It will keep your complexion dark, flawless, and bronzes for up to 6 days with fading on skin. Infused with high moisturized fruits extract and natural enzymes.

It gives a fast and long-lasting effect if it optimized the application process.it is a best spray tan solution for rapid tanning.it has a long shelf life as it can be work for 6 to 12 months after open it.

After using the cover, it accurately, in a close box.

It has violet and brown bronzer plus means a high amount of DHA.

One most important feature is paradise breeze fragrance; this tanning is done by the HVLP and the airbrush system.

It has no threat for sensitive skin. Violet bronze presents here as other cosmetics, but they never cause any allergy on your body, it creates a customized shade of color every time.

It gives a micronutrient technology that delivered the blend of vitamins and antioxidants to give bleach glow to your skin.


Mist System
This is not a spray tanning system, but it is a mist system. It is incredibly easy to apply to your skin.

It never turns into orange color even you get two or more layers of it. It is the easiest way to loosen the topmost layer of dead cells.

  • Budget-friendly.
  • Gives a natural finish to your skin
  • It will give you a natural bronze glow
  • This tanner expire sooner
  • It may create streak on your skin



10. California Best Spray Tan Solution Perfecting Complex

It is an unprecedented solution for getting a tan for a long period. Due to the combination of ingredients, it hydrates the skin and increases firmness. The blend formula creates a triple moisture sensation.

California is the best product to use by all types of skin and for every color tone.it will give you a beautiful face which attracts others easily.

Grape seed increases skin elasticity and prevents damage to the cell and tissues.

Pomegranate extract enhances skin hydration and reduces inflammation. Aloe Vera, turmeric beet water reduces red spots.

Maintain your color by avoiding chlorinated water of a pool for bat least one day after application. Even avoid going in a very hottest place.
Natural Color enhances your organic skin color and conceals it slowly; it gives healthier-feeling to your skin with the natural ingredients found in the best spray tan solution.

Parabens Free, Gluten-Free, and easy to use. Fragrance-Free with soft herbal essence, many beautiful shades are available in it. Select according to your skin color.

  • It gives deep and powerful color Product is best for use
  • Available in a beautiful packing
  • unpleasant smell
  • Loosen the topmost layer of dead cells.




What is the Best Spray Tan Solution?

Spray tanning is a type of self-tanning. It is also known as sunless tanning, where a fine mist is sprayed on your body. This mist has an ingredient in it called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) this procedure that interacts with your own skin’s chemistry to change it tan.

Its duration depends upon the darkness of the tanning solution. But the best spray tan solution usually lasts for a long time as compare to others.

There are some qualities that a tanning solution should have to prove it the best Spray tan solution is that give you a natural look and a tremendous tanned color that not only glows up your complexion but also lasts up a long time.

There are many tan solutions which are considered as world best spray tan solution, but it’s meant a solution which has no side effects.

The best spray tan solution has perfect coverage and saturation. It should give you the ideal color without streaking or turning orange. And have a non-toxic nature.

Spray tanning is much safer than tanning outdoors or indoors by sunbath. White persons or actresses mostly take spray Tanning.


How to Make Spray Tan Solution?

The harmful UV rays of the sun, causing skin problems and diseases, spray tanning has developed up for those wanting a sun-kissed look without any risks.

It gives an alternative to sun tanning, here are some of the more common ingredients found in tanning solutions and make any solution safe and best spray tan solution for users.

The tanning solution is made by using this entire ingredient in a specific amount and for particular purposes.

Aloe Vera
It helps in the renewal of cells, oxygenates the skin, the skin repairs, and regenerates with this ingredient.

Argan Oil
It moisturizes the skin and creates a beautiful blend that replenishes the natural skin freshness and softens it due to vitamin E.

It is responsible for generating the tan on the skin, extracted from sugar cane and sugar beets, and creates brown color on the applier.

Erythrulose is used in some sprays with DHA to create a long-lasting tan. It is a carbohydrate which reacts with the keratin and amino acids found on the upper layer of the skin.
Vitamin C and E
It is used in the best spray tan solution to increases the collagen levels of the skin, reduces wrinkles and cracks. It increases the skin’s elasticity, and it aids in blood circulation.

Ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid prevents ingredients from binding with trace elements in water and with other ingredients.



Enjoy the best spray tan solution without the risk of sunburn or skin cancer. Select one of the product discuses earlier.

The entire product is best for spray tanning to develop a beautiful bronze. The spray tanning process is effective and safe. You will never face any difficulty while taking spray tanning because it is free from toxic products and will not affect your skin ever.

Any type of best spray tan solution you use to keep it in your mind that it will take some time to sit on your skin and become darkest.

Some product protects your skin from sunburn, but some are not it’s never mean that they have any side effect.

You can choose anyone from them without any worry about your skin; no one will harm your skin.