Best Spray Tan Solution For Fair Skin – Review & Guide

People with fair color are most attractive to get a dark color tone or beautiful golden glow on their bodies.

The best spray tan solution for fair skin is indeed that solution that provides a great color without streaking and changing you in orange.

Spray tanning is the safest way than any other way to become darker or to get a natural golden glow.

Some Best Spray Tanning Solutions 2020

These tan spray solutions can give an instant result, and it will be convenient to use. If you have fair skin and you don’t like your color tone, then you never need to worry about it.

Some of the best spray tanning solutions for fair skin give Ulta dark color, and some provide just a little natural glows.

Now you can see some best spray tan solution that can turn your color into an ideal one.


1.St. Tropez Purity Bronzing Water Mousse

St. Tropez Purity Bronzing Water Mousse


It is one of the best self-tanning solutions for fair color. You can apply it quickly, dries easily, and wear your clothes without any delay.

This tan solution can be used in any season. St. Tropez purity bronzing can be added with other spray tan solutions to enhance its color.

Must try to clean or wash your body before applying the spray. It can stay on your body for 4to 5 days. This bronze solution is the most subtle one.


It is made up of natural ingredient which never harms your skin as it has glycerin, palmitate, walnut extract, vitamin A, E and C and also have organic DHA, hundred percent vegan.

St Tropez totally free from paraben, erythrulose, and unpleasant odor

Instruction to Use

You can use this solution once in a weak and even can maintain it with the body lotion of the same name.

Exfoliate your skin with a scrub or massage cream before applying any tan solution can save you to avoid scaling or streaking on your skin.
  • It is made without drying and alcoholic contents.
  • Your skin can absorb it easily.
  • Give dark glowing color.
  • It is a little expensive than others.
  • Have a slightly bad smell


2.Sjolie Light Blend


Sjolie Light Blend


Sjolie light blend solution no 6 is another best spray tan solution that is designed only for people with fair skin tone.

This solution keeps users skin hydrated and healthy; it also provides a built-in moisture lock while giving a golden color to the skin. It can stay on your skin for 6 to 8 days.

You can use it by anyway as HVLP or by of airbrush spray tanning system.


You can use it throughout the year due to its versatility.

This solution cannot be diluted, it can be used for every type of skin as for uneven skin tone, dry and dull skin. A variety of choices are available even only in a dark tone.

You can select your favorite color tone.

Formated with

It is made with aloe vera, olive, vitamin C, deionized water, leaf extract, isononanoate, and many other beneficial substances.

To get tan color for a longer time, add anti-aging and some slimming drops with DHA, use it as a spa-like treatment here why it gives freshness at its peak and has better value than other tanning solutions.


  • Protect skin from damaging with free radical

  • Stayed for a longer time

  • Free from allergens
  • Many shades are available.
  • It does not have more sunless ingredients.
  • On some skins types, it ends up with orange streaks.



3.Omorovicza Glam Natural Glow Tanner

Omorovicza Glam Natural Glow Tanner


It has a sweet citrus fragrance, which is best than other solutions. Omorovicza can be used for all types of skin.

It can give a convenient glow to your skin in a night. It is the best option for those who want to get a natural look with a spray tan.

The material use in it is 100 percent natural and vague, but it may leave a bad effect on that person who has an allergy from oils or perfume.

Material Found in it.

It is made with Jojoba oil, butter, fruit extract, pectin, perfume for a pleasant scent and synthetic color to dye.

It has a great amount of almond oil that can nourish your skin and prevent dehydration and patches.

Way to Use This Tanner

Exfoliate your whole body before starting the process. Apply a small portion on your face and body.

Accept eyelashes and eyebrows.carefull clean your hands and nails after applying this, then wait for sometime before wearing clothes.

It takes a few minutes to give color.


  • Best for extremely oily skin
  • Oil founds in it can restore suppleness and elasticity
  • Give a younger and supple look.
  • Just have a slight smell.
  • It takes time to show its effect.
  • May you feel greasy


4.Le Tan Foaming Mousse Fast

Le Tan Foaming Mousse Fast


It is the best tint, use for fair skin color to get dark and glowing skin.

The application process can be done within 4 to 8 minutes.

It will take more time to dry than average tan solutions.

It has a pleasant smell as can last for 4 to 5 days. It will give you a beautiful color and shine, smooth skin.

It gives outstanding results and will fade out over time. You can spend as much time in the sun as you want.

It is available in many shades. You can select the number of shade according to your original skin color.

Directions: How to Use it

This tan color looks natural on a much fair color tone. You can spread it easily. Make sure to clean or exfoliate the area before applying the spray.

Shake the spray bottle to mix all its contents equally and pump it on your body part.

Protect your eyes, wait to dry it before dressing, and wash your palm immediately after use it.

  • It is made without drying and alcoholic contents.
  • Your skin can absorb it easily.

  • Give dark glowing color.

  • It is a little expensive than others.
  • Have a slightly bad smell

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