Best Spray Tan Solutions For Professional 2020

Tanning is a risky and complicated process that needs accuracy and patience.

Best Spray Tan Solutions For Professional is best because it provides your ideal color without streaking and can be last up to weak or more days if you make efforts to keep it. It is the safest way to get your favorite color without going in or out for sunbath.


Best Spray Tan Solutions For Professional


If you want to become a professional in spray tanning, then you should select the best spray tan solution. And the good news is? That there are some best of all tanning solutions for professionals.


Top Best Spray Tan Solutions For Professional

These are some best spray tanning solutions that help you to get your favorite complexion as professionals. All these products have some specific features which make them best and better than others; it will provide you a dark or sun-kissed look as you want.

When you want to select the best tanning solution, then remember these few features as:

  • An excellent tan solution does not cause any effect on your health.
  • It does not turn your skin color into orange.
  • Provide your favorite tone without streaking
  • You can apply it quickly and easily.
  • Protect your skin automatically.

It is true that all these useful features are found in following tanning solutions and will never face any difficulty while using it or even when removing it.


1) Novella Ultra Vivid Cosmo Spray Tan for Professional

Novella Ultra Vivid Cosmo Spray Tan for Professional


Norvella ultra-vivid made with the combination of two norvella solutions. This blending provides a great glowing look to its users.

It has no bad odor noverthlessness, gives a slightly pleasant smell of vanilla, which uses in it.

Norvella ultra-vivid dry quickly, you never feel oily or greasy. Keep you away from the free radicals.


With tanning glow, it also provides moisturization, a younger look, and prevents your skin from dehydration. It has a micronutrient formation that makes it unique and beneficial.

If you apply it on a dirty or messy body, then it will not work correctly, so it necessary to exfoliate your skin before using it.

Time to Last
It gives brown velvet glow and can stay on your body for 7 to 8 days. with time it enhances its brightness and within 24 hours provide a complete tan look

It is made with natural products such as cranberry, aloe vera, and tomato pulp.

And also some amount of antioxidants which protect your skin. It is entirely free from paraben, sultan, and gluten.

It has different shades. You can choose your ideal one. Novella ultra-vivid is available in many colors, as the color choice depends upon the clients.

This solution prepares for your natural skin color, it will not put patches on your skin.


  • Have anti-aging, brightening, and healing power.
  • It will never turn you orange.
  • Ultimately, boost users’ skin tone.
  • It has a low shelf life.


2) Minetan Tanning Solution for Professional


Minetan Tanning Solution for Professional


Information about Minetan
On the other hand, minetan will not give light color or even not provide a much darker tone. Only provide a perfectly golden, sunny look in 1 hour.

One useful feature of this is that it can be used on every type of skin because it can adjust with all skin base. You can manage the color and thickness of your own. Develop profoundly and quickly. Use PETA verified product.

Last up for a longer time than other spray tanning solutions. Affect with natural pigment in the skin. It will be absorbed in your skin even at the timer of removing it. You will feel your skin soft and hydrated. It has a long shelf time.

Enriched with caramel, coconut, olive, organ, and hydrating oil, these oils keep your skin moisturized. It is a popular tanning solution for professionals and users in the entire world, effortless to apply.

You can apply it easily and quickly with your tanning machine or use it as a self-tanner, but try to use the airbrush machine to spray it. Cover your sensitive areas before applying has a great and beautiful texture and not combine with machine walls.

Moisturizing Effect
When tanning on the skin, it gives a moisturizing effect. This spray tan solution makes your tan look pretty toned, become darker with, and make your skin more soften.

It never turns into an orange color, the easiest way to loosen the topmost layer of dead cells.


  • It gave rapid effect and dried quickly.
  • Has no unpleasant smell like fake tan.
  • Tighten your skin after applying.
  • Feel oil on your skin.


3) Bellocio Salon Tan Solution


Bellocio Salon Tan Solution


It is the most important and useful in the industry for professionals. It either works for dark and medium skin tone. Help in revitalizing and moisturizing the skin tissues and give a flawless look.

It gives you a youthful glow. You can use it without worrying about sunburn or skin problems.

This spray tan is effective and safe, and you will never face any difficulty while using it because it is free from harmful substances.

Effective Duration
Work for 8 to 9 days quickly and never fade even at eight days . It has an amount of DHA, which makes it best.

It has a fast-drying, and original formula work with your skin without hampering your skin. User can get a natural glow any time in the year. Provide you a beautiful and attractive face which convinces others.

Maintain it for Longer Time
Control your tan color by avoiding swimming or taking a bath in water, which has chlorine. Keep yourself away from sunlight; in this way, you can maintain your tan color for many days without getting fade.

Natural ingredients found in it enhance your organic skin color and conceal it slowly; it gives healthier- skin. This tan solution is Parabens-Free, Gluten-Free, and easy to use. Protect skin against irritation, itching, and dryness.


  • Streaks and odor-free formula
  • Have a beautiful citrus scent.
  • Give a natural, beautiful look.
  • Expensive than other tanning solution

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